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Partnering with you to

feel and live well. 

Welcome!   I’m Kate,        
Registered Nurse & Board Certified Nurse Coach                       

I offer partnership in service and support of your health, your wellbeing - ultimately your life.

Being a Registered Nurse for over a decade has taught me our health is our most valuable asset. More often than not, it’s our daily choices that have the greatest impact on our wellbeing. I help you gain clarity and focus on the many ways in which you can prevent & reverse disease, overall improving your life.

No matter where you are on your wellness journey my holistic coaching process will help you transform your health. Together we will work on all areas of your wellbeing to co-create action plans of incremental changes that will get you feeling and living better in less time than you ever thought possible.


It’s time to move past the one size fits all approach commonly found in conventional medicine.


My holistic approach to wellness utilizes lifestyle as medicine, providing an individualized experience to meet your goals and needs for a healthier happier life.


Want Proof? Check out what client's are saying

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