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Not only did Kate push me to make my life better in a healthy and productive way, while bringing clarity and wisdom through an optic I had not considered viewing the world through. After sharing my goals with her, she also went above and beyond to ensure I maintained those goals with constant professionalism and motivation. Through guided meditation, breathing techniques and all around adjustment of my attitude I have found a new more successful version of myself through that guidance. Making your life better in whatever you strive to do can be a daunting task. It can have you scratching your head not knowing what actions or direction to go first. Having Kate fulfill that role for me has been monumental in helping me to figure all of those things out. Financially, spiritually and consciously I have made leaps and bounds to take my life in a better direction and I truly could not have done it without her support. Kate is not only good at doing this, she is phenomenal! I can’t sing her praises enough but luckily I don’t have to because anyone that works with her now, or in the future will see that abundantly clear. Thanks for everything Kate!    

- Matt P.

When I first started the coaching sessions, I knew I needed an objective point of view of my life… I think we all believe we are “crazy” sometimes and having someone to speak on personal matters was really helpful. 

I could no longer do things physically that I had done 5 years before when I was at the greatest physical condition I had ever been in. I didn’t have the same strength and endurance I had in the past, my appearance had changed. It is a natural aging process but hard to accept.

Professionally, I was at a transitional time in my life, wondering if I was making the right decisions; I felt I was losing security leaving a career that had reached the point where I could not grow any further, I could not increase my income, and learning that sometimes people receive advancements because of who they know, which made me simmer with anger. I was doing the job simply for the paycheck, insurance and retirement- and I felt bitter, and I was coping with food and wine.

I felt my life was unorganized and chaotic. I should’ve accomplished more over the past 20 years and have reached certain milestones such as owning a beautiful home (yes- a BEAUTIFUL, clean and organized home!), be at the peak of my career all while aging beautifully and happily. I concentrated so much on what I thought was “wrong” in my life and Kate helped me recognize I actually had choices; we all do! I loved being able to say things out loud to someone in my life and be honest about how I felt. I loved expressing to someone the person that I WANTED to be, and she helped me make a few simple changes in my life to become that person.

I no longer work at the same place. I am building my new life- and it is exciting, no longer scary and uncertain. I have put a few things into practice to take care of myself; back to working out, changes in my diet, sleeping better and journaling a few days a week. I am in a much better place than I was a month ago.

I would recommend Kate to any mother, wife, or professional; life is moving too fast for most of us and sometimes you need help to slow it down and put things in perspective. 

- Donna T.

Before I had started working with Kate, I had concerns regarding my activity levels and endurance, my diet and weight, as well as my future career.  Our coaching sessions have been invaluable in my current journey. I felt like I had been making changes, but unable to see the overall picture of where I was. Kate showed me so I could see for myself that I was making progress, however small the steps are. I have been able to progress in my own business and made some significant strides, most recently establishing an LLC. She was able to see what my weaknesses were regarding my feelings about food and has helped me with not feeling deprived. She has made me see that with some small steps everyday, I can reach my goals. My endurance is better. After being sick with covid a few months ago, I feel as if I finally can exercise at a pace I am comfortable with.  I have also been dealing with an injury as a result of a car accident last year. I am making slow, steady progress with that as well. I am coming to terms with how this has impacted my life and the way I see myself. I remind myself that progress is good, even if it is not perfect and that I am stronger and more capable than what I give myself credit for.

Kate has been my cheerleader. I appreciate her support, belief, inspiration, encouragement and wisdom. I can see her help everyone she meets.  She is compassionate, inspiring, caring, and can truly make a difference in one’s life.

- RM

Early in our meeting Kate offered a space where I was able to breathe, experiment, fantasize and strategize without limitation. Our conversations were energetic with a flow that was consistent and expansive. She was always paying attention, fully aware of the strengths of our conversation. Kate listened and maintained an overall sense of movement of my energy and used the information to help support my best source of action. She has influenced my perception of just being. We celebrated wins and losses, and both learned from the journey, we are both curious and agree there are no mistakes just lessons to be shared. I have enjoyed our time. Kate has an amazing journey ahead, creating  potential to move individual’s closer to their own version of fulfillment, balance, or better process in life. “The best is yet to be”.

Thank you!

-Stacy S.

We talked freely in our time together and after each session together we came up with resolutions to areas in my life that needed adjusting. Kate was very accommodating, respectful of my time spent and making sure that confidentiality was kept at its highest level. She made me feel comfortable and free to speak of the stresses that took place as I was a school teacher ending a stressful year of teaching. Through attentive ears she listened to my “stressors” and asked pointed questions that did not judge but brought to my attention the areas in my life I was struggling with. She was very kind and gracious!

One of our meetings that I found the most helpful was guiding me to organize my busy life. We learned that many of my physical and emotional pain as well as decrease in energy levels was that I was STRESSED!!! To end our time together, we found a space in my home that I had used during the COVID-Shutdown to map out my busy family of four schedule(s). I was not expecting to do something so simple that in the end kick-started to help me get organized again. I appreciate her making time and thinking about me and my needs. She taught me to – “EAT YOUR FROG! As you battle to get ready for the new year use this strategy to check the hardest/ most important tasks off the to-do list first” per-Kate! I am taking this strategy with me to work, home and even in my time serving in my church.

I can tell that she is listening and wanting the best for my well-being! Physically! Emotionally! and Spiritually.

With a grateful heart  highly recommending Kate, Nurse Coach!

- Rachael M.

Before working with Kate I had been dealing with multiple injuries that delayed some of my goals to train for a marathon. These injuries included a herniated disc in lumbar spine and sports herniation (osteitis pubis) for over a year with great relief having steroid shots in my back and hip, along with physical therapy. Working with Kate has given me a fresh set of eyes to navigate the journey of getting myself to adopt more personal responsibility and break through the barriers that limit me physically, mentally and spiritually. I feel I have much more direct aim at my goals. I feel more focused in my days to get my workouts done, whether it is core workouts, cranio-sacral yoga on YouTube, or adapting a smarter training plan to accommodate my needs.

My experience with Kate is that she has given me some of the most clarity I have ever have been given. She really listens and explores so many possibilities and ideas and makes you feel apart of that journey. We also explored the infinite capabilities that I had. Kate made me feel super comfortable and it made for a great coaching relationship. I found it enlightening in one of our sessions when we were discussing agreement vs expectation. There was also a great dialog in exploring the realms of a world of what only Thomas looks like without expectations of others and society, that part I liked the most.

I have changed my mindset to a higher purpose: a purpose of taking aim at something rather than being stale. The results I think are boundless, it has only been a few weeks and I can see consistency and growth in myself. My workouts are improving, I wake up with purpose, and I still have the mindset of trusting the process.

The greatest insight is, “what does a world of only Thomas look like” this insight is a work in progress. It holds no boundaries and I am the only one that can lift the boundaries I place on myself.

-Thomas M.

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